My Home, Your Home Inc. offers a wide range of social services and programs.

  • Recovery Check Up (RCU) connects with clients five months after AODA treatment to document outcomes.
  • Treatment Foster Care helps abused or neglected children and trains and licenses foster parents.
  • Wraparound Care helps children with serious mental health and emotional issues.
  • Wraparound Reach is a volunteer, family-centered program with a team approach to help children with serious emotional issues.
  • Lissy’s Place is the only transitional housing program in this area for single homeless/abused women without children—and women formerly in foster care. Lissy’s Place offers transitional housing, independent living skills, and hope, to young women ages 17.5 to 29. Each year in Milwaukee, 250 young people exit the foster care system without the resources, support system or tools to live independently. These young people are at great risk for exploitation and homelessness including sexual exploitation of minors, otherwise known as human trafficking or even prostitution. Lissy’s Place serves young women exiting the foster care system as well as homeless young women who have not come through the foster care system. Lissy’s Place helps young women end the cycle of poverty and homelessness through the development of educational, financial, health and personal skills to live independently.

    Lissy’s Place aims to provide homeless young women with the skills essential for living independently. Each participant works personally with Lissy’s Place staff to develop a care plan that identifies her personal goals in the areas of independent living, health, social skills, education and job readiness. Participants must engage in 30 hours of “productive work” each week to advance their care plans. Within 60 days of entrance, participants must enroll in a job-training program. Once employed, a woman pays 10% of her income as a program fee, (getting residents accustomed to paying rent), and additionally sets aside $75/month in a savings account. Lissy’s Place “graduation” is earned by reaching the goals in her plan, including moving into a stable independent living situation.

Population served, including total number of clients served and other important characteristics.

In a year, approximately 50 individuals are served at Lissy’s Place. Last year, the demographic
breakdown of the young women served was as follows: African American: 90%, Caucasian: 9%,
Native American: 1%.

For the other program areas, the numbers served last year were as follows:

  • RCU (Recovery Check Up) – 3479
  • Treatment Foster Care – 40
  • Wraparound- 64
  • Wraparound Reach – 29 (started in May 2012)


For a nice overview of My Home, Your Home, view our 10 minute video below.

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