My Home, Your Home Inc. receives grant award from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Grant to help support Lissy’s Place, a transitional housing program for young homeless women to build skills, self-sufficiency and independence


May 1, 2014

My Home, Your Home Inc. (MHYH) is excited to share the news of receiving a grant of $15,000 through the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s M. Drake Breskvar Fund. This grant will support MHYH program, Lissy’s Place, which helps support 40 – 50 young women who are either exiting the foster care system or are homeless, to have safe and supportive transitional housing where these young women can focus on their financial, education and employment goals, in order to become self-sufficient and independent.

My Home, Your Home Inc. (MHYH) understands the current and growing need for their services to young women in the greater Milwaukee region. Specifically, in the age group that we work with, 17.5 to 29, many women need assistance. In 2001, MHYH established Lissy’s Place to help vulnerable young women, including those who have “aged out” of the foster care system, develop the skills to achieve independence and self-sufficiency. In Milwaukee, 600 young people exit the foster care system annually without the resources, support system or tools to live independently. These young people are at great risk for exploitation and homelessness. Over the past decade, however, the demographics of women seeking assistance at Lissy’s Place have expanded beyond girls exiting the foster care system to young women challenged by homelessness. Women cite low wages, family breakup, abuse, eviction and high housing costs as reasons for homelessness. There is great potential impact with the services offered through Lissy’s Place to help develop young women who gain the skills and confidence to become self-sufficient productive members of society. MHYH’s mission is to “Bring families hope, one individual at a time.” Lissy’s Place has 17 rooms, and serves 40-50 young women annually.

MHYH’s other programs operate in a combination of on-and off-site activities, such as: Treatment Foster Care (TFC) serving the child welfare system’s most severely abused and neglected children. In 2013, TFC found homes for 35 children; MHYH recruits, licenses and trains foster families to cope with the opportunities and challenges presented by children who have mental and physical handicaps; and Wraparound Care / REACH Care Coordination provides services for children with serious emotional and mental health needs and for their families. In 2013, we helped 92 children and their families with serious emotional and mental health needs. Our care coordinators are accessible 24/7 to respond to the immediate needs of these children. MHYH also offers Recovery Checkup (RCU) which connects with clients five months after AODA (Alcohol and other Drug Abuse) treatment to document outcomes; 3231 clients received services.

My Home, Your Home Inc. and Lissy’s Place is thankful for the gift through the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s M. Drake Breskvar Fund. Without this type of support, MHYH could not provide the kind of supportive services offered at Lissy’s Place. The Greater Milwaukee Foundation is a family of more than 1,100 individual charitable funds, each created by donors to serve the charitable causes of their choice. Grants from these funds serve people throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington counties and beyond. Started in 1915, the Foundation is one of the oldest and largest community foundations in the world.


About My Home, Your Home Inc.

My Home, Your Home Inc. is a comprehensive social service agency offering a wide array of services to children, adults and families. Funding for My Home, Your Home Inc. comes from government agencies, foundations and community-wide donors. For more information about the agency and to schedule a tour of Lissy’s Place, please call (414) 447-7037 or (414) 874-2560 and speak with Kathleen.

For more information, please contact: Constance Palmer, Chief Executive Officer or Kathleen Miller, Business Manager, My Home, Your Home, Inc. at 414-874-2560, or email: