State Officials Honor Foster Parents Affiliated with My Home, Your Home Inc.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, June 09, 2008

June and Charles Brown, foster parents who were trained and licensed by the Treatment  Foster Parents program at My Home, Your Home Inc. in Milwaukee, have been honored with a Governor’s Foster Parent Award.MHYH_Foster_Parents_honored_060908-2

June and Charles Brown, who are foster parents in the Treatment Foster Care program operated by My Home, Your Home Inc. in Milwaukee, recently received a Governor’s Foster Parent Award in a ceremony at the State Capitol in Madison. Applauding them at the May 28 ceremony was Reggie Bicha, Secretary-Designee of the Wisconsin Department of Children
and Families.

The Browns and five other couples from around the state received the award in a ceremony held May 28 at the State Capitol. The award was presented to the Browns by Reggie Bicha, Secretary-Designee of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.

Bicha said: “You were chosen because of your exceptional work with teenage girls. My Home, Your Home nominated you for this award because of your ability to stabilize a youth with challenging behaviors whose team [of social workers] was recommending residential treatment after multiple disrupted placements.”

Treatment Foster Care—the program in which the Browns participate—provides safe and nurturing homes for the most severely abused and neglected children. Because of the trauma these children have suffered, they have a high level of medical, emotional or behavioral needs. Children in Treatment Foster Care range in age from newborn to as old as 19.

My Home, Your Home, located at 6200 W. Center St., has more than 50 homes available for such children and teenagers. Brenda Hoskins, Associate Director of My Home, Your Home, said: “Foster parenting is hard work, and being a Treatment Foster Care parent is even more challenging because the children have much greater needs than those in ‘regular’ foster care.”

“The Browns—and the other wonderful and dedicated parents in our Treatment Foster Care program—are proving that all children and teens are capable of flowering if they are in a nurturing environment,” Hoskins said.

To be a Treatment Foster Parent, you can be single or married; a renter or homeowner; working full-time, part-time or be retired; and in a traditional or nontraditional family. If you are interested in becoming a Treatment Foster Parent, call My Home, Your Home Inc. at (414) 447-7022. Ask for an information packet and register for an orientation meeting.

If you are still interested after attending the orientation, file an application. There will be a home inspection, home study and interviews, followed by 40 hours of training. Upon completion of the process, a child will be placed in your home. My Home, Your Home Inc. provides ongoing support and assistance to parents in the program. For more information about the Treatment Foster Care program at My Home, Your Home, phone LoriAnn at (414) 447-7022.


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