Lissy’s House of Divas Boutique

Lissy’s Place has a House of Divas Boutique where residents can find the clothing they need for special occasions, job interviews, and everyday.

The boutique is made up of donated career or special occasion clothing, shoes, undergarments (new only), socks (new only), stockings (new only), and jewelry, other accessories, and purses.

The women (ages 17.5 – 29) earn “You Go Girl” points to shop in the boutique. These points are earned doing special tasks such as volunteering, or attending an event for the agency or something else that goes beyond their goal-oriented work. If the participant has a job interview, she can shop in the boutique without points to obtain an outfit suitable to wear to an interview. Regular everyday wear is available in another part of Lissy’s Place such as jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, pajamas, tennis shoes, etc. for the women whenever they need it.

Donations are received at the Administration building (6200 W. Center St.) from 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday. Career or special occasion clothing should be dry cleaned (if used) and in plastic.

Lissy’s House of Divas is always looking for items to add to the boutique.

To view photos of the boutique click on one of the images below.